Rethinking Design

Ok, so you have a great product. But certainly there are things about it that you think can be improved, right? After all, you can’t get everything right the first time you design something. The best part about mobile design is that you are free, even encouraged, to come up with improvements and release new versions on the app stores asap!

So, how do you go about improving your product? Here are some guidelines from our experience:

  1. Analyze, Analyze, Analyze: Do a completely objective and thorough analysis. What works? Don’t fix it! What doesn’t work? Does it work somewhat? Does it not work at all? What are the real problems that need to be attended to quickly?
  2. Be Creative, Be Realistic: Don’t get locked into what is already in place. On the other hand, don’t start from scratch. You want to find the right balance between a complete overhaul, which would be too long and costly, and being able to tweak elements within the flow and design to overcome specific problems in a realistic timeframe and with the resources that you have at hand.
  3. Don’t Kid Yourself – Just Try It Out: There are always going to be things you would like to change, add, improve. Don’t think that this is the ultimate design. Think that it is a great design that you will try in the marketplace – and see what happens. Nothing speaks better than the market. If people like it and buy the new version more than the old one, it was a change for the better. If not, it was a change for the worse, and you’d better go back to the drawing board.

In the end, it is all trial and error with a large sprinkling of intuition, wit, and most of all, experience. And don’t worry – you know that you’ll eventually “get it right”!

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